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Additional Needs in Mainstream Classroom

Competency in Early Detection and Identification of Additional Needs in Mainstream Classroom

Research has shown that early detection and intervention can greatly improve a child’s development and learning outcome. The process brings mental wellness into our schools where cognition, spatial, linguistic and self-awareness skills can be better developed is a logical and beneficial step to take which eventually leads to better quality of life.

Mental well-being is a vital part of a child’s development, yet it is an area that has been neglected by the society at large. Some teachers do not feel that the burden of teaching students with disabilities should be their burden. Teachers feel this way because teacher preparation courses do not always provide solid programmes that address Special Educational Needs/Additional Needs and how to work with these students, the duty of care is therefore low on the part of the teachers.


The  ‘Competency in Early Detection and Intervention of Additional Needs Education’ training will help to improve the general awareness of teachers, make them understand the legal implications of their services and equip them with skills of identifying and making referrals when and where necessary. This has become necessary given the challenges faced by teachers in the classroom and a seeming helplessness to provide professional and adequate services.


The ‘Competency in Early Detection and Intervention of Additional Needs Education’ will prepare teachers to receive certificates after completion of all programme requirements. The key aim of this course is to improve general awareness, understand the legal implications, and how to refer for specialist services as well as having an in-depth, hands-on programme that is geared to dealing with individuals with neurodevelopmental disorders in Corona Schools.


Course Description

This is a 6-week (6 weekends) intensive face-to-face and a one-year on-line Continuous Education Units (CEU), which is the in line with the international standards for teachers’ continuous professional development. The foundation course will be delivered through the Corona College of Education by Nobelova Gradani Psycho Educational Services in conjunction with the International Board of Credentialing and Continuing Education Standards (IBCCES), USA, Exceptional Child Vector Solution, USA and the Lagos State Teaching Hospital, Department of Behavioural Studies. It will be in the form of didactic lectures and presentations on the theory behind neuro-developmental disorders and interventions


Programme Objectives


  • Provide service and leadership by preparing work-ready specialists who understand Inclusive Education and the ways in which it directly impacts current educational and societal structures.
  • Assist in building early intervention curriculums based of the developmental gaps in seen early years.
  • Understanding the statutory duty of care towards students with disabilities
  • Reorientation on teachers’ standards
  • Understanding communication processes between parents and school.
  • Processes of establishing if a student qualifies for additional needs services


Programme Duration

The six-week intensive course will have six days face-to face tutorials and one year online training and tutor support resulting in participants having to complete a one- year training portfolio which is evident of teacher’s standards and competency in identifying children that require additional needs support in mainstream education. At the end of the 6 weeks training, a 3-hour examination will be required with the pass mark being 80%.


Programme Fee:

Course fee: N120, 000:00 per teacher

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