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All about me 2016

The program ran from Monday to Friday. The first program on the line of events was the United Nations Day Celebration. The children and staff all came to school dressed in white and a pair of blue jeans. At the event, the children were exposed to what the United Nations is all about. A representative from the United Nations Organization came to facilitate this segment. The children got to know the age of the United Nations and why the United Nations was formed. They also spoke about some facts of the countries and the things that can be got from those countries.

The second day of the program was also an exceptional day for the children. The children and the teachers came to school dressed in sportswear for the fitness class. The P.E teachers coordinated the fitness class and the children were excited to participate during the exercise. Later in the day, the children were given a health talk by the School Nurse. She spoke about healthy food and unhealthy food. The children watched a short video clip where they saw different types of healthy foods that should be eaten and the unhealthy foods to avoid.

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