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All about me (Part 2)

The event continued on Wednesday with teaching on emotions and the different types of emotions. The children listened to a story titled “Your Emotions-I Feel Angry”. They also watched a movie “Inside Out” which talked about the different types of emotions.

On Thursday, the children went on an excursion to Queens Eye Hospital on Waziri Ibrahim Street, Victoria Island.  The children were shown how to take care of their eyes. They were also shown some instruments used by the ophthalmologist. Some children got tested by the ophthalmologist. It was a worthwhile visit as the children got to know the importance of taking care of their eyes.

The last day of the event which was a Friday was graced by Pastor Mrs. Nomthi Odukoya. Author of the book “No! Don’t Touch Me there.” The guest speaker read her book to the children assembled in the school hall with their parents. She was able to educate the children on sex education. The feedback from the children was encouraging as they were able to remember what she taught them.

All about me was greatly explored in the nursery as every child can confidently say something about themselves.

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