Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) - FAQs

The focus of the BYOD programme at Corona Schools’ Trust Council is to provide tools and resources for the 21st Century Learner. Excellence in education requires that technology is seamlessly integrated throughout the educational programme. Increasing access to technology is essential for the future and one of the learning tools of these 21st century students is the device. The individual use of devices is a way to empower students to maximise their full potential and to prepare them for further studies and the workplace.

What is BYOD?

BYOD is a programme whereby students bring a personal device to school to use as their primary technological device. The school provides the platform to connect compatible devices to a filtered Internet service.

How do I choose an appropriate device?

There are many appropriate devices available and the school is not prescribing a device. However, it should meet certain requirements for it to be effective in the classroom:
Screen size: minimum of 10”
Keyboard: laptops have this, but if you are considering a tablet, an external keyboard will make things easier at school.

Browser capability: browser capable of internet access (e.g. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome)
Wireless networking (Wi-Fi) capability: to connect to the school network, minimum capability is 802.11g/n
Battery: the ability to recharge devices at school is limited, so a battery life of at least 5 hours is recommended
Operating system: Windows 8 or later
Memory (RAM): 2GB minimum, 4GB recommended
Antivirus: Recommended

What will be provided by the Corona Schools’ Trust Council?

The Corona Schools’ Trust Council will provide access to a filtered Wi-Fi Internet service. Since we are a Microsoft school, the child will also have access to the latest Microsoft Office application –Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Email and One Drive (1TB storage space in the Microsoft cloud). A Device Management Software will also be installed on each device to monitor, control and gain access to the child’s device during lessons or when in use.

Is permission form required to be signed before student can bring their own device?

Yes, parents will need to sign the BYOD agreement before students can use the device within the Corona schools.

Are the children not too young to be using devices?

No. The activities are suited to their ages and usage is regulated.

Won't exposure and frequent usage of device using wireless connection affect the children?

Most devices now have LED screens which are softer on the eyes. The laptops will not be used throughout the day but for specific activities in the classroom. Hence, exposure is limited.

General Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We are here to provide answers to some of your questions.

How has it been in over 55 years of Corona’s existence?

Corona has achieved a lot over the years and the organisation is fortunate been to have committed Trust Council members and staff who have put the school before themselves. We have been able to build a strong, independent and international educational system that works.

How did it begin?

The Corona Women’s Society, who wanted a unique form of education for their children, started Corona Day Nursery Ikoyi in 1955. In rapid succession between 1956 and 1958, the society opened four more schools; Ikoyi Primary School, Apapa Primary School, Apapa Day Nursery and the Yaba School in 1958.

What is the same then as Now?

All Corona schools are still located in residential areas. Corona aimed to meet the needs of their immediate community, and this remains a top priority. The Corona Schools’ Trust Council runs the schools. Our vision then as now is to blaze the trail in the education system.

Who are the members of the Trust Council and what role do they play?

Trust Council members are a group of professionals with consistent record of accomplishment, of credibility and integrity. They set policy directions and ensure that management implements these polices.

What is the role of the Corona Schools’ Trust Council?

Corona Schools’ Trust Council is the body that over sees all Corona schools. They come up with policies that ensure smooth running of the schools and that all Corona Schools are at the same level in terms of standards.

What Curriculum is Corona running?

We seek to maintain a curriculum that will ensure our children are global citizen and proud of their Nigerian heritage; leading to the design of our unique curriculum based on the Nigerian Policy on Education and the British /American curricular in 2003. Subsequently there have been yearly reviews of the curriculum.
Our Curriculum is inquiry based; it seeks to build the children’s competences in essential subject areas as well as problem solving and critical thinking skills using modern and practical methodologies.

Apart from academics, what other activities are available to the children?

We have a wide range of co-curricular activities in our schools. Every child must belong to at least two clubs one non-fee paying and one fee paying. The clubs include Chess, swimming, Drama, Red Cross, football, Taekwondo, Brownies, Mandarin, French, Music, and Spanish.  These clubs are essential to the mental and physical development of every child.

What is Corona’s academic performance like?

Our pupils win scholarships to top secondary schools and colleges every year. We have a record of accomplishment of awards received by our pupils.

What is a typical day like for the children in Corona?

School starts at 8:00 am with morning assembly. Prior to this members of staff would have received the children at the gate; we insist that pupils greet properly and wait for a reply before they proceed.
Pupils have break period, the children have their refreshments and play for a while then go back to their classes.

Do you have a parent’s teacher association?

Yes we do. The Parents Teacher Association is a forum for parents and teachers to rub minds and make meaningful suggestions which in turn influence and bring about positive changes that benefit the school.

At what age are children required to enter school?

In Corona, we offer Nursery, Primary and Secondary education.
For Nursery, education children who have turned three years on or before 30th September of any school year are eligible.For primary school, the child should be five years on or before 30th September of any school year and eleven years for the secondary school.

When does enrolment start for the new session?

Enrolment for the new session is in the first week of February of each year. Forms will be available for collection within the first week of February.

What is the Corona Schools endowment fund?

Corona is non-profit organization. Due to our firm resolve to maintain a high standard of education in all our schools, we decided to launch an endowment fund in October 2005. The fund therefore will help us consistently provide the right standard of education without compromising on quality.

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