The Corona Schools’ Trust Council (CSTC) established a Teachers’ Training school in 2007 to provide high quality continuous professional development to teachers in the quest of its mission of providing world class education to children.

Corona College of Education

Since 2007 the Corona College of Education has been in the vanguard of providing quality training for teachers and school administrators. This is in line with our goal of transforming the education sector and make teaching an attractive career option.

As proponents of societal growth through the education of teachers, we hope to educate teachers on best practices and equip them with the skills required to excel in classroom practice.

The college aims to pursue professional and academic excellence and add value to Nigerian teachers by improving their teaching skills, thus, enhancing their proficiency.

The Corona College of Education has designed a number of short term courses to run throughout the 2012/2013 academic year. Our trainings are facilitated by experienced educationists and administrators. The sessions are practical, stimulating and thought provoking. Our objectives include:

  • To provide a platform for the continuous professional development of teachers
  • To enhance the improvement of teaching standards through the encouragement of in-service training programmes.
  • To assist schools to remodel and retrain their teachers and equip them with the where-with-all to educate and enable children who can live and work successfully in the 21st century.
  • To enhance the skills of educational administrators who would be able to function effectively in their areas of specialization.

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About Our College

With the establishment of and subsequent approval received from the National Commission for Colleges of Education (NCCE), the Trust Council through Corona College of Education, now offers initial tertiary education, providing a platform for teacher qualification. The three (3) year teacher foundation programme aims at rejuvenating the decaying public education sector in Nigeria by broadening and deepening the knowledge and skill base of teachers of the critical early years and primary level.

The provisional approval is for Early Childhood Care Education and Primary Education and General Education Studies, which has always been our primary focus in Corona, as we believe that foundation is the bedrock of development in any progressive sector of the economy.


The teachers in publicly run nursery and primary schools across the nation have major competency gaps, partly caused by lack of qualification and skill base. Yet they are educating the critical stage of child hood development. Private schools only attract a small percentage of school age children, meaning that the vast majority are in public schools. It is thus clear that to bring about any meaningful change in our society; we must go to the root and positively affect the way children are taught in schools from foundation.