School History

Ikoyi Day Nursery is the cradle of all Corona Schools and the history of the school is the history of Corona School on the whole.

In 1954 a proposal was laid by Mrs Anne MacDonald, who was at the time Headmistress of a Lagos school and committee member of The Corona Women’s Society, that the society should open a very small school for children of all races between the ages of 3 and 5 years.

In March 1955, the first Corona School, Ikoyi Day Nursery was opened at the Society’s Headquarters at 35, First Avenue, Ikoyi with five pupils. The school was initially financed by the cash donation of £50 from Chief Mandilas and gifts of furniture and fittings from well-wishers. The five pupils quickly grew to twenty. Word spread through the parental grape vine and appeals were made to the committee to open a school at Ebute-Metta and from there other Corona Schools sprang up.

Today this first Corona School is still at its first location 60 years after and is ably managed by the 16th Head of School, Mrs. Esther Abakasanga and her immediate subordinate, Mrs. Ijeoma Nnaji as the Nursery Head.

Heads of School to Date

MRS EDIE BOYLE                                   1955
MRS M.O. AGBAJE                                  1997-2001
MRS EGBAI (ACTING HEAD)               2001
MRS M. OGARAKU                                  2001-2002
MRS M.O.IHONOR                                  2002-2002
MRS E. AJISEBUTU                                 2003-2004
MRS B SAPARA                                         2004 -2009
MRS A.O. MATILUKURO                       2010
MRS E.O. ABAKASANGA                        2010-to date

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