About Us


The school’s curriculum is very rich. It is a perfect blend of the British, American and Nigerian curriculum.


The school is made up of highly qualified teaching staff that do not just possess the necessary qualifications needed to impart world class education, but have a wealth of experience from in-house, local and international trainings. They are also committed to the development of a total child and possess integrity, ethics and high moral standards.


Our classrooms have suitable large spaces and our materials are hands- on which constantly gives pupils the opportunities to construct their own learning experience.

Early years is about developing young children’s language, physical, social and other core skills and helping them find fulfilment in the associated activities. This is what we strive to achieve.

Our classes are active and interactive. We improve opportunities to learn using Montessori materials in the classrooms. These materials arouse the children’s attention, interest and motivation and teaches them independence and concentration. All lessons accommodate different learning styles.

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