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I am delighted to welcome you to Corona School Gbagada.  For over 50 years (founded in the year 1960), we continue to do what we do best: giving excellent service to generations.  Children who pass through this institution master fundamental academic skills and progress through a challenging and relevant curriculum to achieve scholastic and personal success.

As a school, our focus is on the children, treating them as individuals and offering them learning experiences which are memorable and allow them to develop skills to cope with the dynamic world around them.  We look to develop the total child and pride ourselves on the fact that we see each child as unique, with their own strengths and personality.

Corona School Gbagada is a warm and welcoming place where children feel loved, cared for and are comfortable enough to take risks with their team and push themselves

We run an excellent curriculum led by the needs of our children in an increasingly global environment and flexible enough to allow us to develop individuality.  The curriculum does not only equip our children academically but also provides them with the requisite Information Technology skills and qualities that see them through their lives beyond school.

Our services, facilities, and resources are second to none; we have a culture of continuous improvement and always keeping in tune with our ever changing world.

We are a team of highly qualified, passionate, committed and experienced practitioners who are well versed in providing outstanding learning opportunities, care and support that will bring out our children’s potentials.

Corona School Gbagada is situated in a serene environment, with beautiful gardens conducive for children between ages 3 – 11 years to learn and develop.

We enjoy involving parents and the wider community in the life of the school, ensuring the links between the school and home are strong and support our pupils learning.

We pride ourselves on offering multiple co-curricular activities for all our children.  We set high standards and regularly evaluate our progress towards achieving them.

Our children are our future and our aim is to ensure they can make a full contribution to a future global community.  Our school ethos is based on consideration, courtesy and respect for others to equip our children to have the confidence and ability to enjoy a fruitful and successful life.

This is just the beginning of a journey that promises to be filled with happy school memories.  My ever caring team and I are proud of our school and will be happy to receive you should you decide to visit.

Welcome to the “Caring School”.


Henrietta C. Eguagie (Mrs)

Head of School



Henrietta C. Eguagie (Mrs)

Head Of School
Mrs. Henrietta Eguagie, Head of School, Corona School, Gbagada, is a veteran teacher and an experienced administrator. She joined Corona Schools’ Trust in 2004 as a class teacher. Mrs Eguagie holds a B.Ed. in English Language from University of Benin. She is also a certified facilitator.


Mrs. Grace Omo-Egbekuse

Deputy Head of School
Mrs. Grace Omo-Egbekuse, Deputy Head Corona School, Gbagada, joined Corona Schools’ Trust in 2002 as a Class Teacher. Mrs Omo-Egbekuse holds a Bachelor of Education Degree in Science (Biology) from the University of Calabar and M.Ed. in Educational Psychology (2005) from the University of Lagos. She has also attended several Continuous Professional Development Programmes.


Mrs. Ifeoluwatomi Adeniyi

Sectional Head
Mrs. Ifeoluwatomi Adeniyi, Sectional Head, Corona School, Gbagada, joined Corona Schools in 2008 as a Class Teacher in Corona School, Ikoyi. She holds B.Sc in Chemistry and an M.A in Education from University of Nottingham, UK. She has attended severalcourses and workshops locally and internationally.

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