Our mentoring system is an organised process in which people with lots of relevant experience and vital knowledge advise, help and guide young people in school.

A new student (mentee) is assigned to a teacher mentor on house basis and a student mentor on the day of resumption to foster academic support, discussion on career pathway, healthy behaviour, and socialization. There is, through a profiling of both the mentor and the mentee, a positive match between the two; this is done with a view to achieving helpful communication between them.

The mentor is expected to set academic and behavioural goals with the mentee at the beginning of every session and follow up same throughout the session. The mentor, with well-honed interpersonal skills, effectively communicates with the mentee while establishing a sound basis for interacting with subject teachers and pastoral staff towards ensuring the well-being and progress of the mentee.

Each mentor has a minimum of five mentees for the session

Our mentors use a variety of approaches tailored to the needs of the mentee. These include:
i) One-to-one sessions to discuss problems and consider solutions.
ii) Mediation between mentee and peers, and with mentee and staff.
iii) Assisting with mentees coursework, homework and time-management skill.