The Guidance and Counselling Unit provides one-to-one support, as well as group support, for students base on their social, academic and emotional needs. The students, on their own volition, come for counselling because they wholly trust in the unit to help. Also, some cases are referred to the unit by members of staff.

Cases are generally treated with confidentiality, save in cases where there are genuine concerns about the safety of any student. After a referral, the unit gathers information about the student and goes ahead to establish a professional relationship base on trust and mutual respect. They provide support tailored to the needs of the individual student. In collaboration with the student, the unit formulates action plans. In some cases, the referred student is first covertly observed before being contacted.

The unit organizes Character and Value Education sessions during which relevant topics are discussed, such as; kindness, self-esteem, bullying and time-management. This programme is adopted by the school to promote and imbibe ethical values in our students. The character include Responsibility, caring, Trustworthiness, Citizenship, Integrity, Courage. At the end of every half term, the value is codified by the form tutor, club coordinator, house parent and mentor in the school report.

Counselling is a daily exercise in which our students bare their mind and our counsellors go after every student to delve into issues observed, reported by self or referred. We have three seasoned and experienced counsellors with local and international training available to attend to our students.