The students enjoy the comfort and security of our welcoming buildings with modern conveniences that give the school that pleasant feel of home.

Pastoral And Boarding

Our students are precious and so we go the extra mile to provide a warm, congenial environment where each of them can thrive, happy and secure, amid the nurturing support provided by a caring dedicated team led by the vice principal pastoral. The students enjoy the comfort and security of our welcoming buildings with modern conveniences that give the school that pleasant feel of home. Five students stay in each of the cozy, fully furnished rooms in the hostels, where a constant supply of power ensures an atmosphere conducive to study, play or a refreshing rest. Importantly, there is a common room for the students to interact and relax.

Boarders, who form a greater percentage of our student population, are housed in three buildings where they live and develop sound social skills we strive to foster. The Boys’ Hostel is a beautiful three-storey building with four hundred comfortable rooms for Year 8 to Year 12 boys. The boys in Year 7 stay in the one-storey Nguru Hostel with its excellent facilities, superb furnishing and crucial pastoral care that all ensure they enjoy the unique experience of home away from home. There is a separate wing for Girls’ Hostel, a new and beautiful building for the girls to thrive as they discover and exploit their abilities in a peaceful, secure atmosphere. The rooms in all the hostels come with study areas and there are recreational facilities that offer healthy and exhilarating activities when the students are not at study. The boarders are aware of the big roles they play in creating and sustaining an agreeable environment for every one of them to grow and feel they are part of a happy family of scholars, living out the ethos of tolerance, responsibility, hygiene and etiquette and volunteerism.

A rich mix of after-school activities means that our students are positively engaged. The school-wide writing contest Chrome, spelling bee contest Spellbound and the public-speaking competition Resonance are some of the exciting activities here which the students find exceptionally interesting and motivating. However, we recognize that holistic education goes beyond academic exercise and that belief informs for the business fares, career day, vocational day and the Corona Ultimate Man competition we organize.

Pastoral Events

After classes and at different times within the school year, students get to take part in loads of fun, exciting yet rewarding activities. A rich mix of after-school activities means that our students are positively engaged. These school-wide interesting and motivating events are organized to provide non-academic but fulfilling opportunities for students to pursue their passion while honing their organizational, social, communicative and practical problem-solving skills.

We recognize that holistic education goes beyond academic exercise. That belief informs the UN Day, Career Day, Cultural Day and Mufti Day, as well as the Voice and the Corona Ultimate Man competitions held in the school.

Mufti Day

Mufti Day is one on which students get to put their uniforms away and wear their favoourite mufti for lessons. The essesnse of the day is to further the cause of charity in that students make a contribution of ₦250 and staff, ₦500 the sum of which is donated to Adi-Owe Secondary School, its adopted school, for the purpose of facilities development. The day sees lots of photographing and ends with a meeting of Challenge 2020, a group formed to initiate and implement programmes in support of the realization of Vision 2020.

UN Day

In furtherance of the values and ethos of democracy, every 24th October, students converge in the school auditorium to mark the United Nations Day. With the rest of the school observing, delegates representing world countries and having been chosen by individual year groups, delibrate on issues affecting school community. The meeting presided over by the student president sees votes by the delegates and ends with the passing of resolutions for review by management. It is usually a fun and life-bettering event able to help students gain insights into democratic processes and parliamentary procedures.

The Voice

In our school, premiuum is placed on the development of a wide-range of skills. There are avenues through which students can pursue their interests and hone their skills. The VOICE is one of several avenues through which students can grow in their ability to appreciate art, develop their motor skills while artistically exploiting their mental faculties.

The Voice seeks to discover and develop musical talent among CSS students. Every session students flock to designated venues on campus to be auditioned to take part in the contest. Going through several elimination stages, the contest culminates in the emergence of an overall winner who gets a ₦15,000 prize and well-earned recognition as Corona’s music best.

Culture Day

The third term of every school year, we celebrate the much-loved and highly anticipated Culture Day. The students perform in an array of beautiful costumes which show the richness of our culture. That day, culture finds expression in dance, drama and songs of the indigenous people of Nigeria and Africa.

Languages indigenous to Africa are a heritage bequeathed to us by our forebears, languages we take much pride in. The Culture Day affords us the opportunity to re-create the happy and satisfied life of those who called Africa home– the marriage, the fishing, the sculpting, the building, the life in general. We bring to the present the beautiful and not-so-beautiful moments of their lives through singing, acting, drumming, dancing and many more. Culture Day, one for the preservation of indigenous culture, celebration of diversity, and the crucial openness to the cultures of others.

Ultimate Search

Corona Ultimate Search does this: Pushes the bounds of ingenuity and endurance; it is a true test of mental and physical agility. Progressing through stages, the contest reaches the point where there is just a handful of contestants, out of which the winner eventually emerges.

In the first stage of this rigorous and challenging exercise, riddles are given to be unravelled. Those who make it to the next stage have to eat dry but edible food in the quickest time. It gets more competetive from there, and in the final stage, contestants go through a series of obstacles to find the object of their fervent search.

The winner snacks for free at the tuck shop for 6 weeks, gets a plague and a state-of-the-art camera.


All our students– both boarding and day– are assigned Houses and are encouraged to take active part in regularly organised house activities as well as after-school social events. The Houses are Kingfisher, Heron, Crane and Weaver. Each house has a staff coordinator who works with a team of house parents to organise events and provide the necessary support every child needs to succeed.Resident house parents are available round the clock for the care and supervision of the students. Cooperation and communication between pastoral and teaching staff mean that no child lacks the boost to excel at study and in general school life. The dormitory captains work with the house parents to manage the day-to-day affairs of the hostels; they strive to maintain dormitory cleanliness and a peaceful ambience, besides working with the house coordinators to organize house activities of academic or social nature.

House Facts

House House Coordinators House Captains (2017/2018) Sports Ranking(2017)
Kingfisher Mr Celestine Egemba
Mrs Omolara Awosika
Rotimi Abiodun 2nd
Heron Mr Charles Iruru
Mrs Joy Okechukwu
Nenfort Gomwalk
Adanna Nwagwu
Crane Mr Olusanjo Fagbohungbe
Mrs Chidinma Soniran
Henry Isiocha
Funke George
Weaver Mr David Kolawole
Mrs Particia Emurese
Chinatu Nduka-Nwosu
Bukunmi Abraham



The health and safety of every student is of prime concern to the school. At Corona Secondary School, we do not just promise qualitative care, we also go the extra mile to provide the best possible medical care because we know that every child deserves to thrive in health and happiness.

Prepared under the most hygienic conditions and with health-friendly ingredients, the food we provide reflects our understanding of the unarguable connection between nutrition and physical-cum-mental development. We remain committed to meeting the nutritional needs of of every student. In preparing and serving our students, we consider the well being of students with food allergy.

Highly qualified resident health personnel armed with years of dutiful experience are constantly on ground to handle cases requiring immediate attention. Our nurses, registered and licensed by the Midwifery Council of Nigeria, are continually trained to meet the nursing needs of our precious students. Our health personnel are certified by reputable institutions such as the University of Lagos, the UK Chattered Institute of Environmental Health, and the US Ambulance Safety and Health Institute. They are trained in health safety management and basic life-support. They bring to their job, wealth of experience in handling health issues as they relate to teenagers. An in-house physician, with long years of service to the school , is available on Tuesdays and Thursdays to attend to the health needs of both staff and students.

Our superb health facilities are suited to the administration of first aid and treatment of mild ailments. Serious cases, if there be any, are treated by the physician at the adequately equipped Rophe Hospital which is just a 3-minute drive from the school campus.

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