Learning Your Way to Success

Academic work is an integral aspect of life in the school. From the first year, our students are introduced to challenging academic programmes specially designed to ensure success in internal and external examinations. We provide the expertise, dedicated teaching, enabling environment, and consistent support to bolster confidence in every child and help them succeed intellectually. We guide them to draw from their innate powers in meeting worthwhile goals and encourage them to appreciate the results of their diligent efforts. Our students numbering no more than 25 per class enjoy the Corona advantage of spacious, comfortable and IT-compliant classrooms where there is ease to learning even the most complex age-appropriate concepts.

We are the first e-learning school in Africa and continue to build on a tradition of technology-integrated learning. Interactive boards within our tastefully decorated classrooms with their stimulating ambience make teaching-learning an enjoyable experience. Our students have monitored access to the internet for research and personal study. Seniors have their laptops to access the virtual learning environment on moodle where they can be part of academic discussion forums, meet teachers off-class, hold e-lessons, research and submit eassys, and get crucial feedback. Having a well-stocked library means that students can have recourse to a repertoire of up-to-date knowledge across a variety of subjects and they can log in to our virtual library for an inexhaustible supply of information to sharpen the intellect and enhance personal development.We pride ourselves in raising technology savvy and scientifically minded individuals with capacities for innovation and with practical skills vital for change and development in an information age.

Building A Better World One Pupil At A Time!