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2018 RoboRAVE International Robotics Competition

RoboRAVE is a robotics program that helps students to learn to design, build and program robots to carry out a variety of tasks

The 2018 edition of the RoboRAVE International Robotics Competition took place in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA from 4th to 14th of May, 2018. Team Corona was part of the Nigerian team that participated in the challenge that brought about many schools from 20 countries in the world.

Students learnt the basic of technology and programming as it relates to solving real life problems. Some of the challenges were

  1. Firefighting: Students learn to design, build and program robots that can locate and extinguish fire all by itself. More like an automated firefighter
  2. Line Following: Students designed, built, and programmed robots that can follow a set track to deliver items in its carriage.
  3. Roboethics: This was a session where the benefits and harmfulness of drones in our society was debated.

The learning experience was great for everyone as it exposed our students to various ways of solving world problems through technology.

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