School History

History of Apapa School

Corona School, Apapa started in 1958 with sixty children in a building loaned by Messrs. Elder Dempster to the Corona Women’s Society. By the end of the session, the population had increased to seventy-four. Mrs. Niven was the pioneer Headmistress of the primary school and Mrs. De Borst was the Headmistress of the crèche which was started some months earlier. The crèche later became known as Corona Day Nursery Apapa and eventually merged with the primary school in 2004. The school welcomed children of all races.

Today, even though the school is faced with the challenges of the changed demography of Apapa area from residential to almost completely commercial as well as the perennial gridlock traffic situation, Apapa School continues to be a vibrant school. It is now led by Mrs. Lawrencia Izedonmwen as the 19th Head of School. She is supported by Mrs. Titilayo Adegbie, Sectional Head and Mrs. Justina Olayemi as the Nursery Head.

Heads’ of School to Date:

Mrs Gilchrist                                                     1966 – 1967
Mrs V.C. Land                                                   1967 – 1969
Mrs P. Goodbarne                                          1969 – 1970
Mrs S. Cowlin                                                    1970 – 1972
Mrs M. Barton                                                   1972 – 1973
Mrs P. Goodbarne                                            1973 – 1975
Mrs J.B. Okoro                                                   1975 – 1976
Mrs A.A. Mohammed                                      1978 – 1983
Mrs O.I. Olaniyan                                               1983 – 1992
Mrs M.O. Segun                                                  1992 – 1999
Mrs W.A. Willie-Harry                                     2000 – 2001
Mrs B.O. Olubunmi                                            2001 – 2003
Mrs O.R. Ogunleye                                             2003 – 2010
Mrs A. Matilukuro                                              2010 – 2014
Mrs Lawrencia Rarus Izedonmwen               2014 – Date